Anatomy Trains and Art of Motion comes to Christchurch

We are super excited to be hosting Anatomy Trains Australia and Art of Motion here in Christchurch in 2018.  Registrations are open now and you can find more out from or  Or contact Abbey at  YOu can also check out Karin Gurtner and her team on Instagram @art_of_motion_academy to see some of thier informative videos and beautiful movement.

I did the AT in Motion course last March and really found it opened my mind to the possibilites of our systems and changed the way I thought about movement and 'anatomy'.  The Slings courses go on to teach more movement repertoire integrating the fascial qualities and using the AT lines to create functional movement and some prop work.

March 16,17 &18 2018 - Anatomy Trains in Motion  early brid pricing closes 1 Jan 18 

June 23 & 24 2018 - Slings Essentials  early bird pricing closes 1 May 18

September 7,8 & 9 - Slings in Motion 1 early bird pricing closes 1 July 18


The Franklin Method with Morten Dithmer

October 27& 28 2017

I had the pleasure of hosting Morten Dithmer, vice director of The Franklin Method in October and we had such a fun time!  His catchy sense of humour made for lots of laughs whilst digesting some fairly in depth and new ideas.    From our feet to our fingertips and everything in between we experienced bone rhythms, breath, dynamic imagery, proprioception and comparison of the parts to gain a wholebody awareness and efficiency in movement.  It felt like the tip of the iceberg of the possibilites for the Franklin Method so we look forward to seeing Morten again in 2019 when he hopes to bring out the first modules of Franklin Method Teacher Trainings.