Jen_Ironman.jpgJennifer McBride - you are an IRONMAN

We were so pumped to see Jennifer McBride smash her goal of becoming an Ironman on Saturday 2nd March 2019.  Jennifer completed the Taupo Ironman with a time of 13:49:47.  This is such a huge achievement which Jennifer has trained for over many months.  She did say that Pilates has been integral to keeping her feeling stretched and in balance and she even dropped a pool session in order to maintain her regular pilates as the weeks she didn't come to Pilates she noticed it!!

Jen said....

"Ironman training can be up to 18 hours per week of swimming, biking, running and strength work. It can be quite hard on the body so by the time Monday’s rock round, my body is hanging out for a Pilates session. Pilates provides a great balance to the rest of my training. It feels restorative and sets me up for my next week of training. "