franklin_balls.JPGFranklin Balls for Myofascial Release Workshop

Saturday 9th December 10.30am - 12pm with Abbey Parsons and Jen Rice

Join Abbey and Jen to learn how to use the Franklin Balls to open your feet, chest, spine and hips. The Franklin Balls are a unique tool for myofascial release and combined with Pilates you can find space and new movement into areas that can be sticky or tight due to our busy lifestyles. We want you to learn some take home tools to keep your movement flowing right through your holidays.

Email to book your place or to book via MINDBODY.

Shakti Mat Workshop with Jane Hardcastle


Shakti_Mat_workshop.jpgComments about the workshop....

"I really enjoyed it.  Have also recommended it to a work colleague who would like to attend the next workshop.  They have a mat and would like to learn more exercises on how to use it." ` Julie 

[The workshop] "Interesting to challenge myself in yet another way. " ~ Barbara M

"Was good to do something new and to be more aware of how the body was feeling. Jane is a great instructor.  Apart from standing on the mat it was good" Odette B

"Very relaxed and calm class - liked that we were not just shown different ways to use the mat but also had time to get used to the different levels of sensitivity.  Loved the relaxation bit at the end!" - Jennifer M


"Gave me lots of ideas to work on to help muscle recovery" ~ Paul

"I liked the time for me to focus on some specific muscle groups that needed  a bit more attention" - Mel B

I liked "The wealth of information & confidence given by Jane. Nothing I didn't like. The very opposite in fact. The supportive atmosphere that you & your colleagues work hard to generate at Movementor Pilates really shone through" - Chris S

"It was perfect. Got some advice, takeaway information and an appetite for learning more! I love the instructor!" - Virinina L

The Franklin Method with Morten Dithmer

October 27& 28 2017

I had the pleasure of hosting Morten Dithmer, vice director of The Franklin Method in October and we had such a fun time!  His catchy sense of humour made for lots of laughs whilst digesting some fairly in depth and new ideas.    From our feet to our fingertips and everything in between we experienced bone rhythms, breath, dynamic imagery, proprioception and comparison of the parts to gain a wholebody awareness and efficiency in movement.  It felt like the tip of the iceberg of the possibilites for the Franklin Method so we look forward to seeing Morten again in 2019 when he hopes to bring out the first modules of Franklin Method Teacher Trainings.