Mat Classes

Casual                                       $22.00

Casual (45 minute)                    $20.00

5 class concession                    $105.00

10 class concession                  $200.00

10 x Concession (45 minute)     $180.00

20 class concession                  $340.00

 (45 minute concessions are not transferrable to 55min classes)


Ante Natal Pilates Mat Class

Casual                                         $22.00

Series x 5                                    $105.00         

Series x 10                                  $200.00


Polestar Students

Private Mentor Session                $75.00

-2 students                                  $38.00 each

-3 students                                  $30.00 each

-4 students                                  $25.00 each

Studio Group                               $31.00

Mat Class                                     $17.00

Self mastery/teaching practise     $20.00

Please read our Terms and Conditions below
Private (One on one/Personal Training)

Introductory                               $75.00

Casual                                       $75.00

Student (ID required)                 $60.00

5 x concession                           $345.00

10 x concession                         $665.00


Duet (Group of Two)

Casual per client                        $44.00

Series x 5 per client                    $205.00

Series x 10 per client                  $390.00

Note: Singles will be charged as a Casual 1:1


Studio Equipment Circuit Group

(Group of 4 )

Casual                                         $35.00

Series x 5                                    $165.00

Series x 10                                  $310.00



Intro + 5 Privates (new client)       $405.00

Intro/Private + 5 Mat                      $170.00

Intro + 4 Priv + 5 SG                     $490.00

Small Equipment and Accessories

Pilates Socks                     $20.00                       Movementor Pilates T-Shirts                    $30.00

Theraband                         $10.00                       Franklin Balls  - green                               $35.00

Foam Rollers                     $90.00                                               - red                                   $30.00

Soft Stability Balls              $22.00                       Swiss Balls                                                $POA

Spikey Balls - dark blue     $30.00                        Pilates Circles                                           $POA

                     - light blue     $35.00                        Pilates Mat -blue                                       $POA

                                                                                                - green Airex Fitline 180         $POA

Terms and Conditions

We accept payment by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.  Credit cards cannot be accepted, apologies for any inconvenience.

Online transfers can be made into our account

Movementor Pilates 01 0822 0117347 00

Gift certificates are available and valid for 6 months from date of purchase.  Once activated normal expiries will apply. 

All concessions have a 3 month expiry date. 

We can put a concession on hold if needed BEFORE it expires (E.G. holiday, extended sickness/expected absence).  Please contact us before it expires.  Once expired it cannot be reinstated.

We are happy to transfer paid credit to other sessions or clients but no refunds will be given once the concession has been activated

Cancellation Policy – 24 hours

A strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies – please contact us to make cancellations for pre-booked sessions at least 24 hours prior. Eg. If you have a 3pm booking you need to let us know of your cancellation by 3pm the previous day.  Phone messages and email are the preferred contact for cancellations please. 

Cancellation or 'no shows' for Private Sessions within 24 hours will incur a full charge.

Cancellation or no shows for Equipment classes within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge.

There is no late cancel charge for mat class although we do appreciate it if you can let us know of your absence.  Expiries will not be extended for no shows/late cancellations.  Please note recurrent late cancels or no shows may result in cancellation of your recurring booking.


  • Turn your cellphones to silent or OFF
  • Wear a clean pair of socks
  • Wipe your mats and equipment down after mat and group circuits
  • Stay away if you are unwell, coughing/sneezing or have had vomiting or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours.