Online Pilates with us

Our full mat class timetable is available live via Zoom, so if you prefer to exercise at home or are not able to come to the studio due to location or schedule, we can help you!  Join our community on any connected device, from the comfort of your home.

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At Movementor Pilates our trained instructors will make you feel comfortable and help you to work at a pace that suits you whatever your level.

About Us


Whether you want an early morning stretch, a midday move or an evening challenge or wind down we have something for you.  Our mat classes have a maximum of ten clients to allow for individualised attention and our Studio Groups allow you to fit your Pilates in around your schedule.

We use Mindbody software for our scheudling and this also integrates with the Mindbody App to allow you an easier way to book and change your Pilates schedule. 




per session

Our intro sessions let us meet you, listen to your goals and assess your movement whilst also allowing us to teach you the foundation principles for your needs and pace.  Compulsary for clients new to Pilates.

Studio Groups



A small group of four working individually on your own program utilising the pilates apparatus.  Supervised by an instructor.*pre requisite 5 Private sessions to set up program. Concessions available.

Mat Classes



Our mat classes are known for their innovative and fun approach.  With the use of varied small props and global influences we keep them fresh and interesting.  Concessions available.

Private Session



Our Private sessions are great for those needing a more focused approach in re-educating movement patterns, recovering from injury or just starting out with Pilates.  Concessions available