Abbey Parsons



Abbey is the Director of Movementor Pilates. Originally from a dance background, Abbey went on to train as a nurse after injury ended her dancing career. Abbey graduated from the Polestar Pilates International Comprehensive Course in 2007. Abbey is an Educator for Polestar Pilates in NZ in Mat and Comprehensive and mentors students. Abbey's passion is helping people learn new ways to move and think, in order to make their lives more comfortable, active and enjoyable. In 2021 Abbey graduated as a Franklin Method Level 1 Educator and she currently sits on the interim council for the newly established Pilates Aotearoa.  Abbey has an interest in fascial fitness and has studied Beth Beauchamp's myofascial techniques and Anatomy Trains Australia Slings in Motion. Abbey enjoys skiing, hill walking and watersports.  Abbey can be contacted at [email protected].

Mirka Field

Mirka discovered Pilates over 20 years ago while living in London, UK and loved thepositive benefits of it. This has inspired her to undertake a comprehensive Pilates teacher training course with Pilates International in Auckland and she qualified in 2005. She has taught in New Zealand and London, UK. Her active upbringing influenced her interest in movement, yoga and various outdoor sports. Mirka’s classes focus on body awareness through the essential Pilates principles of good alignment, breathing and quality movement for clients to maintain their mobility and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Rhonda Gooding

IMG_9830.jpgRhonda came to Pilates to rehabilitate after back injuries and surgery in order to prevent more issues. In 2023 Rhonda graduated as a Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher.  She enjoys working with people to help them deepen their practice and maximize the amazing benefits Pilates offers. Rhonda loves the wonderful community at Movementor and outside the studio has three busy active daughters and enjoys skiing and keeping active.

Rosanne Haines


Rosanne has a background as an elite gymnast and also dabbled in ballet. She was previously a qualified physiotherapist where she used pilates to help rehabilitate patients injuries. Since becoming a mother she has decided to focus her career fully on Pilates and has recently completed her comprehensive polestar Pilates training. She looks forward to working with you to help you discover the amazing difference movement can make.

Olivia Holland

Screenshot_2024-01-23_at_8.13.21_AM.pngOlivia is a former professional ballet dancer and trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. She danced professionally with the Roval Ballet of Flanders and Northern Ballet, before travelling to New Zealand from the UK in 2015.

Olivia studied with BASI Pilates on the Global Comprehensive Course in London. She has experience teaching in some of the leading Pilates studios across London, including the BASI headquarters in Wimbledon, and runs her own Pilates For Dancers Workshops designed to help dancer's gain strength and awareness of movement through Pilates & ballet coaching.

Nicola Lewis

Nicki has a background in design, with qualifications in clothing design and landscape architecture.  Nicki has regularly practised Pilates since 2011 and it has made such a positive impact on her life, she wishes she had discovered her 'Pilates happy place' sooner.  In 2018 Nicki completed a Polestar Gateway Mat course with Abbey and felt the Polestar approach enriched her own practise so much that she decided to undertake further Polestar Mat and went on to complete her Comprehensive Pilates course.

Nicki is thrilled to be working with Movementor and looks forward to helping you find your 'Pilates happy place' too!

Louisa Potter


Louisa has recently moved back to NZ with her family after 22 years in London to bring up their two boys in the great New Zealand outdoors. After completing her Pilates training with Alan Herdman in 2003 she worked in his London Studio for the following 10 years teaching a wide range of clients. Louisa has a background in dance, which is what initially sparked her interest in Pilates, and along with working at several London Pilates studios, has worked with vocational ballet students at Central School of Ballet for the last 14 years teaching both Pilates and Ballet rehab. Louisa is also working with the Anneleise Gilberd Academy based at the Kind Foundation.

Anita Stanton


Anita joined us while undertaking her teacher training with Polestar Pilates and completed her exam in 2023.  Anita has a background in dance and a passion for movement.  Anita was previously a Yoga teacher and her two children keep her busy. 

Pieter Symonds

Born and raised in Christchurch, Pieter studied at the New Zealand School of Dance before joining the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Rambert Dance Company in the United Kingdom. Early in her career an untimely injury became a blessing in disguise, as it led to an introduction to Pilates. From then on Pilates (and Yoga) were an integral part of her life and it was always very clear that she wanted to teach both disciplines and share her passion for movement and body care with others. In 2010 she finished her training with Pilates Foundation UK and also became a Yoga teacher. Pieter retired from full time dancing in 2013 and has been teaching Pilates and Yoga at the London Contemporary Dance School and from the Rambert premises in London. She recently moved back to Christchurch with her young son and adored cat and finds great joy being in the clear fresh air and open skies of Christchurch and dipping her feet in the ocean.

Teresa Xu


Teresa, originally from Kunming, China relocated to New Zealand with her husband in 2019.  She has travelled widely including India where she completed her Yoga teacher training. Teresa graduated from the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive course in 2020 and is loving exploring New Zealand cycle touring, skiing and road tripping. Teresa also enjoys food and cooking.

Multi Disciplinary Network - Testimonials

Rebekah Miller ~ Balance Works Physiotherapy

"I have both attended as a client and recommend to some of my clients who have balance issues that they seek input from Abbey and the team at Movementors.  All the instructors have undertaken extensive training and have in depth knowledge of how the body works and how to best use Pilates to gain the results that my clients require. 

Because of the great results I and my clients have gained working with Movementors I would trust this team to be able to manage clients with complex issues such as injury, post-surgery or those who feel they need a little more than your typical exercise class."

Ushma Cromarty ~ MoveWell Massage Therapist

"I recommend Movementor because Abbey and her team share the same values as MoveWell which is ultimately educating and empowering clients to give them the independence and confidence to manage their bodies themselves after the acute treatment phase which can be tough with an injury or chronic condition. 

I also trust that when I send a client to them with, for example, specific muscle imbalances, compensations or structural issues that they know exactly what they’re doing and the client will achieve the outcome were seeking."


All of our instructors hold international certifications or are working towards them and we readily encourage ongoing education and professional development. This means we have all undertaken intensive training which develops not only the knowledge of the repertoire but an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, teaching techniques such as the use of imagery and tactile cueing and an understanding of how to use Pilates with specific populations (injuries, surgeries or medical dis-ease).  These certification courses require both observation and supervised practise apprenticeship hours and comprehensive theory and practical exams must be passed.

Qualified Pilates Teachers needed!

We are Christchurch's busiest Pilates specific studio offering privates sessions, studio equipment classes and mat classes.  Our environment is friendly and supportive and although there is a high expectation for autonomy, we demand a high level of client care, an understanding of scope of practise and an openness to work in a multidisciplinary way when this means the best outcome for the client.  If you are training towards or are a graduate of a recognised Pilates training institution and want to work in our friendly team with our clients of all types please contact Abbey Parsons at [email protected] or on 021 646 154 to talk more about how we can work together.