Are you new to Pilates? 

Read on to find out where to start....

The Introductory Session

At Movementor Pilates we require beginners to start with an Introductory session.  Like any new skill, there are some fundamental principles to learn and as everyone’s body and learning style are so different, its important you get the right information for your body to keep you safe and move you towards your goals.

If you have done some Pilates before we still recommend the Introductory Session so we can check that you understand the Pilates principles the way we teach them and how they relate to your posture and body needs.

Private Training on Equipment/Mat

If you prefer to work one to one with a trainer or have specific needs (injury recovery, postural correction, particular goals) then you can choose to continue with Private Training after your Introductory session if scheduling allows.

Studio Group (equipment)

If you wish to utilise the Pilates apparatus for resistance or assistive training but prefer the more affordable group setting, then once you have completed 3-5 Private training sessions you can join one of our timetabled Studio Group classes.

Whatever way you choose, the benefits of Pilates are numerous.  After your very first session you will have a greater awareness of your posture and the way your body works during your daily life.  Regular Pilates will improve body awareness and increase whole body motor control and stability.  You will lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles, increase flexibility and reduce pain or discomfort caused by poor posture, repetitive movements or chronic injury.  Not only will you leave feeling taller and lighter, your coordination will improve and you will gain a sense of relaxation and balance.  

Contact Us today to book your Pilates session and take the first steps to feeling longer, stronger and more in control of your body.