Introductory Session

All new clients at Movementor Pilates are advised to take an Introductory Session. We meet you individually, gain some health and fitness history and begin to teach you the fundamental Pilates principles. We will do a postural assessment and fitness screen which will enable us to prepare an appropriate program or direct you into the correct class level. You will leave feeling lighter and a little more aware of your posture and body.

Mat Classes

Movementor Pilates has a longstanding reputation for providing interesting and varied Pilates mat classes, based on sound technique, good pilates foundation principles and wholebody cueing. Our teachers are all trained to teach using varied cueing and structure their classes to move you through a mix of mobility, strength, flexibility and coordination whilst also creating a mind-body connection with breathing, focus and sometimes meditation.

New clients are recomended to take a private session first to teach you the Pilates principles and understand how to get the most out of your class, to meet your individual goals.  If you have been doing Pilates already though, give us a call and we can direct you to the best class for you. 

We cap our mat classes at 10 clients to ensure you get the attention you are paying for and so we can keep you safe and support you to move at your best.

The levels are specific to our studio and give you a guide as to the level of intensity/repertoire to expect.
  • Level 1 is our beginner class with a gentler pace and more focus on technique.
  • Level 2 picks up the pace and also starts to add a bit more endurance and complexity or choreography.
  • Level 3 you can expect a good strong workout, still with a good technical focus and plenty of cueing but we move a bit faster so get through a lot more.  
  • The level 2 and 3 still include appropriate stretching but will have a more strengthening focus too. 

Mats are provided. Maximum 10 people per class.

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Private One on One Session/Personal Training

These sessions are ideally for those clients who require a little more supervision with regard to pain, injury or specific medical or health conditions which require monitoring. Also, people who are training for specific events or sports or with specific goals, find the more individual approach useful.

Private Duet/ Group of Two

These sessions are particularly well suited to couples or friends keen to work out together but with a slightly more individualised approach than the equipment circuits.  A mix of mat work and equipment work, give you an all over body workout or specific goals can be set for each person.

Small Groups on Studio Equipment

Once you have completed 3-5 one on one sessions you can choose to join one of these Equipment groups which run similar to a circuit class. They are a great way for you to train with friends or family (Maximum five per group) and allow you to work at your own level in a group setting. We will design an individualised program to meet your goals during your private set up sessions and guide you through a varied workout on the all the apparatus.  One instructor will always supervise the group to assist with set up, technique and variations. From time to time it may be suggested that another one on one session would be useful to focus on some individual goals and to check your technique.

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Ante Natal/Pregnancy Pilates

We specialise in working one to one with our pregnant clients to set them up and help them understand their changing body, enjoy a range of mobility and stregnthening during their pregnancy and support them towards their birthing goals.

The Pilates apparatus and equipment offers a unique environment to provide assistance or resistance and to allow a full range of movements that may otherwise be hindered in a gym or class environment.  No exeprience is necessary as we will modify and adjust your program as required throughout your pregnancy and are happy to work alongside other pregnancy specialists or therapists.

It is necessary to gain clearance from your Lead Maternity Caregiver (midwife, GP or obstetrician) and you will be asked to sign a Pregnancy Pilates waiver before commencing sessions. 

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Pilates Teacher Training Students

Movementor Pilates is the South Island host site for Polestar Pilates NZ teacher training courses.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Pilates teacher or are training and need some observation hours or supervised practise for your certification, please get in touch with us to discuss the options we have to help you become the best instructor you can be.


Extra Info....

  • Private sessions are by appoinment only.  We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy and cancellations within this time will be charged.
  • All sessions run for 55 minutes.  30 minute sessions are available on request in special circumstances.
  • Equipment and mats are provided and changing rooms are available.